How to Make Assignments in Google Classroom

New to the digital teaching world and looking for a quick way to add assignments to Google Classroom?

Here are 8 easy steps on how to get started!

Step 1

Open your Google Classroom page in your browser. Google Classroom will automatically open up to the Stream tab. Think of the Stream tab as the notification center, similar to the homepage on Facebook. Here, students will see announcements, classwork, questions, and resources.


Step 2

Select the Classwork tab. This is where you will see and add assignments.


Step 3

Click the Create button and select “Assignment” from the list.

You can also select the options: Quiz assignment, Question, Material, or Reuse post.

Here’s a mini explanation of each.

  • Quiz assignment: Uses Google Forms to auto-grade assessments.
  • Question: Post a quick, open-ended question for students to answer from the Stream page.
  • Material: Need to quickly share a digital resource with students? Select Material from the list and add a link, PDF, or video for students to view.
  • Reuse post: Find yourself retyping instructions again and again? Select Reuse post from the list to use a previous post as a template.

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Step 4

When creating an assignment, you will want to complete the following steps:

  1. Title your assignment
  2. Write instructions
  3. Select which subject this assignment is for
  4. Create a point value (if the assignment is being graded)
  5. Select a due date
  6. Select or create a topic (This will make it easy for you and your students to filter through assignments throughout the school year. I’d suggest not skipping this step!)
  7. Select which students should complete this assignment. (This is a great way to differentiate!)


Step 5

Select the Add button and select the source where you will be attaching your resource from. If your assignment is interactive, you’ll most likely select Google Drive.

If you have purchased your assignment through Teachers Pay Teachers you’ll want to make sure that you have made a copy of the resource to your Google Drive. You can do this by selecting File -> Make Copy within the resource or through a special link provided to you by the Teachers Pay Teachers author.

Don’t Forget: You must make your own copy of the resource and add it to your Google Drive account before posting to Google Classroom.


Step 6

Find the assignment you’d like students to complete and click the Add button.


Step 7

The next step is important. Select the dropdown menu to the right of

the assignment. Select the option “Make a copy for each student” from the menu list. If you do not select this option students will open the same Google resource and will be able to edit the same document. (Cue the raised hands or emails!) It can make for quite a mess.

Just as you would pass out a paper-based assignment in class to each student, be sure to select “Make a copy for each student” from the menu list.

Once selected, review your assignment, and press the Assign button.


Step 8

Once you have assigned your assignment you will be redirected to the teacher page. From here you will see which students you’ve assigned work to and how many have completed the assignment. This page will help you keep track of your students’ work!

That’s it! Now you’re ready to assign your first assignment in Google Classroom!

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