Why You NEED to Use Interactive PDF Games

Digital PDF Games in the Classroom

Classrooms have been turned upside down and inside out these past few years. Teachers everywhere are longing for routine and a return to normalcy. 

I want to share with you how digital reading games can help save you time, create a routine, and, best of all, help your students master reading skills, no matter what their learning situation.


If you’re not familiar with PDF reading games, here’s the scoop: 

  • They’re NO-PREP, and I truly mean no-prep.
  • If you can click a button or tap a screen, you can use PDF games. 
  • They are self-correcting.
  • Can be used on any device and any learning platform. (Google Classroom, Microsoft, Canvas, etc.)
  • My games cover ALL reading standards for grades 3 through 5. 
  • Can be used for whole group, small group, and 1:1 instruction. 
  • They make intervention a breeze. 



Homework & Review

PDF games make assigning homework simple. Students can access games at home or on their school-issued devices. 

Best yet, students can play without Wifi. If a student has spotty WiFi at home, but the PDF game is already loaded onto their device, they can still play – even without access to the internet. 

Parents love PDF games because they are self-correcting. This means that parents do not need to check their child’s work; the game will do that for them. 

Ever had parents unfamiliar or not proficient with the reading skills their children are learning? My digital reading games can help parents help their children review skills at home. 

Not to mention, many games get kids and parents reading together! My favorite!


Small Group and Reading Centers Work

Use PDF games within your small group and reading centers. 

Great for independent or socially distanced centers, students can play in a designated area without needing teacher instruction, meaning YOU’RE free to meet with students who need your direct instruction most. 

While your students are playing a game, I suggest pulling a small group of students in need of reteaching or review and playing the game with them at your kidney table. 

Small group students receive the same fun activity as your other students, but they also receive your guidance. This is a great opportunity for formative assessment to gauge student learning. 

Playing games at the teacher’s table helps remove the stigma of “working with the teacher.” 

Sub Plans 

I don’t know about you, but I hate writing sub plans. Make your life and your sub’s life easier by leaving them interactive reading games that do the work for you. 

Students will receive feedback instantaneously from the game allowing your sub to manage any behaviors that just so happen to pop-up whenever you aren’t in your classroom. If you know, you know. 😉

Whole Group Game 

This one is my favorite. If you have a projector in your classroom, you can play these games as a whole group.

Think back to the days of playing games on the chalkboard in your classroom, racing to write answers on the board as fast as you could. 

Bring that excitement into your classroom by playing one of the interactive games together! 

Bonus: If you have an interactive whiteboard, the game can be played using your pen or finger, whichever you use to manipulate the screen! 


PDF Games Promote Independence

Take Back Your Time

This one is my favorite reason. Take back your time, teacher. We aren’t machines, nor are we robots. The time we spend lesson planning has seemed to have increased substantially, if not doubled, in the last year. 

Take back your time with the Reading Games Bundle. Complete with 20 games, this bundle will allow you to use interactive PDF games in your classroom all year long. 

That is a lot of time saved.

You’re worth it. You’re worth putting your feet up after work instead of spending hours looking for resources to meet your needs, your students’ needs, and the standards. 

This Reading Games Bundle hits ALL the standards. 

Plus, you can use these games for years to come. 

PDFs have been around for a long time, and they’re here to stay. Grab this bundle today and make the commitment to yourself to get a YEARLONG set of reading centers with PDF games as well as digital games in Google Forms, and a printable version too! 

Reading Centers Bundle Cover Grade 3 - The Teacher Next Door

3rd Grade Reading Centers Bundle

Reading Centers Bundle Cover Grades 4/5 - The Teacher Next Door

4th & 5th Grade Reading Games Bundle

Want to try out a game before you buy?

Check out these 2 FREE Interactive PDF Reading Games! 

FREE Main Idea Reading Center for 4th and 5th Grades

FREE Main Idea Interactive PDF Game


FREE Character Traits Reading Center 3rd Grade

FREE Character Traits Interactive PDF Game

Need to know how to assign a PDF game? Check out this step-by-step post! 


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