Meet Jenn

Teaching Experience

My father and mother both started out as teachers and my brother is a history professor, so I think teaching must run in my family! I didn’t set out to be a teacher, but originally wanted to be a counselor. I graduated with a degree in psychology. Right out of college, I worked as a substitute teacher, and fell in love with teaching! I went back to college to get my teaching credential, and later a master’s degree and I’ve taught now for over twenty years! Most of my teaching experience is at the elementary level, first in second grade, but more recently in fourth and fifth grades.

Teaching Style

Teaching to the whole child is important to me and while I want my students to do well on standardized tests, and work towards that end, I have never felt that tests were the most important thing that I teach. Besides content learning, I believe in motivating kids to become life-long learners, while encouraging the character traits they need to grow into happy, kind adults. My teaching philosophy starts by making meaningful connections with my students. I really work hard to create a positive classroom climate and use Morning Meetings as our cornerstone. Keeping kids motivated is huge to me and I like to plan activities which are learning focused but really fun! I use a variety of teaching and learning formats, including lots of games, while incorporating movement when possible. I love to add humor to the learning day and try to make even the most dull subject come to life. I truly care about the kids I teach and want them to have the best year possible.

Honors & Awards

Mentor Teacher
2013-2014 Woman of the Year (National Association of Professional Women)
Published Author


BA in Psychology
Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction

My Family

There were three kids in my family and I grew up as the middle child and only daughter. My father started as a teacher but eventually became the head of Special Services for our local school district. My mother was also a teacher but became a stay at home mom as we were growing up. Later, she went to seminary and became an ordained pastor. I have two kids of my own. My son and his wife who both live and work in southern California, and my daughter and her husband both live and work in northern California. I also have a long time boyfriend and two rescue cats (Callie and Daisy).

My Books


Perfectly Logical


What It Means to be a Teacher



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