Random Fact of the Day App and the Did You Know Board

After teaching for quite a few years, I’m always on the look-out to find something new for my classroom!

I love finding ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, as they keep me motivated and inspired.

I recently found this one on Pinterest called a Did You Know Board. The idea is to put an interesting, weird, little known fact of the day on the board, to make kids more curious about the world and to possibly make them even more interested in reading informational text.

So, after a little shopping trip to Target for the whiteboard, having a friendly custodian put it up for me (thanks, Randall), and scrounging around in my bulletin board letter supply to find the right letters, I now am the proud owner of a Did You Know Board. I think the grand total was about $9.00…not too bad!



The next step was actually writing something on the board each day…sounds like that might take some time but to make finding facts every day a little easier, I discovered this really cool app called Random Fact of the Day – Daily Brain . This app delivers one or two very random but usually awesome facts each day that your kids will just eat up. This app makes it super simple to find the kinds of facts that kids will think are amazing!


Here’s a screenshot so you can get a better idea:

A word of warning, this app is not intended for kids to use, as once in a while, the facts are a little too “mature” for kids (inappropriate…in other words).

On days that this happens, I have a backup plan…which I actually love as much as the app! I have a basket (nothing fancy) in my room that is labeled Did You Know, and some small pieces of recycled paper in another basket nearby.

I ask the kids to write down any interesting facts that they would like to share on our Did You Know Board, and to place them in this basket. My little devils are so competitive…they search every day now when their work is finished because they LOVE it when their fact is on the board!

I am really enjoying my Did You Know Board as well as the Random Fact of the Day app….Don’t you just love when technology actually makes your life easier?

Thanks for stopping by!


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