20 Must-Have TikTok Amazon Finds to Improve Your Teacher-Life

If you’re anything like me, you love all the tips, tricks, and deals to make your life easier! As a teacher and a mom, I love to try out new gadgets and items that help me save time! (Something I have very little of these days.)

Here are 20 TikTok Amazon Finds that you’ll love too! 

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links, The Teacher Next Door, LLC receives a few cents on the dollar. This commission directly supports us as a small business and ensures that we can continue to create high-quality content for upper elementary teachers, like yourself! As always, the products shared are tried, true, and tested. Enjoy! 

A Teacher’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Mandoline & Spiralizer 

Amazon Finds - Mandoline

This guy is my go-to tool for lunch and dinner! I despise making and packing lunch for school, but this mandoline helps me prep fast! I can slice zucchini, grate potatoes, and match stick carrots in no time at all. It’s easy to clean and store too! There has not been one week that’s gone by where I have not used this handy tool!

Herb Scissors

Amazon Finds - Herb Scissors

These handy herb scissors are like the sidekick to my mandoline. I grew tired of making sandwiches for school lunches, so I switched things up and began making rice bowls. (Think Chipotle.) I love the versatility of this meal. You can really take it in any direction! Chopping herbs to top my “fancy” rice bowls is way too time consuming for me though. These scissors chop them up and garnish my bowl in seconds, not minutes!

Ninja Digital Air Fryer 8-in-1

I’m not going to lie, this one is pricey, but I will say this – I do not use my oven unless absolutely necessary now. We’re talking never. The last time I used my oven was on Christmas when I was hosting my entire family. I cook everything in this Ninja Air Fryer. Pizza, baked pasta dishes, chicken, Home Chef meals… you name it! It’s fast, easy, and flips up to save you countertop space.

Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Can you sense a theme here? I’m all about things being easy. My fridge was always a disorganized mess. We’re talking leftover containers, take out, produce that got lost in the back somewhere… These bins were a lifesaver. Everything has a spot now! Best yet? My family even knows where to put things now that everything has a home!

Glass Food Containers

This is basically better Pyrex. My only regret with these was buying them in May at the end of the school year and not sooner. I kissed all my plastic, spaghetti stained containers goodbye. No regrets!


A Teacher’s Home Gadgets

Mini Desktop Vacuum 

Amazon Finds - Desktop Vacuum

Crumbs on the counter? No thanks. I keep this little handheld vacuum plugged in on my kitchen counter at all times. I can quickly vacuum up crumbs in a second! It’s great for the classroom too!

Village Candle

Amazon Finds - Candles

These Village Candles are better and cheaper than Yankee Candles. I was finding that my Yankee Candles smelt good for about the first half of the candle. After that, I could barely tell they were lit. These Village Candles have a great throw to them! You can catch me burning my Balsam Fir candle all year long, not just in winter. Yum!

Tub Shroom

What’s worse than standing in a pool of water when you’re trying to take a shower because the drain is clogged? I was tired of buying Draino to unclog my shower drain, so I invested in this little guy! The Tub Shroom has come a long way! They used to solely be plastic, and they were good. However, the Tub Shroom has been updated recently and is now rounded on top and made of shiny chrome!


Teacher Things That Make Life Easier

Bulletin Boarders That Roll

Amazon Finds - Bulletin Boarders

After buying these rolled bulletin boarders, I will never go back to buying the ones in the long packs at the teacher store. These are SO much easier to store, and they don’t come in strips that need to be layered or lined up! Rolled borders forever!

Magnetic Staple Remover

Forever grateful to my teammate introducing me to this handy gadget during my first year of teaching! This is a magnetic staple remover. It makes taking down a bulletin board a breeze. No more using “the claw” staple remover that looks like a weapon. The best part? It’s magnetic meaning your staples are easily picked up and not scattered all over the floor!

Vis-A-Vis Markers

Call me old school, but I love Vis-A-Vis markers. No, I’m not writing on a projector with them, but I am using them during small group instruction. Vis-A-Vis markers are perfect to write on laminate. I am able to record my notes onto the laminate without students being able to erase it with their hands. My students use regular dry erase markers for their work while my writing and notes is still preserved. Love! Plus, I can use them on my white board for small notes that I do not want erased by my custodian.

3,000 Mailing Labels

This is a set of mailing labels for life! You get a zillion labels in this set, okay you get 3,000, but same thing. These are identical to the 5660 Avery Labels and for a fraction of the cost. I use these with Avery’s online label editor to label my classroom library books, add names to my students’ reader’s notebooks, and every other item that gets lost frequently.

Hook & Loop (Velcro) Dots

There are over 1,000 pieces in this set of hook & loop dots. I use them for everything in my classroom. They’re super sticker and the students have a hard time peeling them off! (I can take them off with a little elbow grease though! You’ll need Goo Gone to remove the adhesive though!) I like to use these for crafts and for center activities!

Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers

These dry erase markers passed the teacher test! How do I know that for sure? I tell my students that these are MY markers and they’re not allowed to touch them. 😉 So vibrant, last forever, and perfect for lessons that rely heavily on color coding!

Crayola Gel Crayons 

Do I wish I was a Pinterest teacher 100% of the time? Kind of. Do I have time to be a Pinterest teacher though? No. These Gel Crayons help me create and color anchor charts FAST! They’re so vibrant, they’re not messy, and they don’t smear. Crayola forever!

Teacher Fashion & Beauty

Pillow Slides 

I told myself I would not purchase these. I told myself they were hideous. Guess who owns a pair? Guess who doesn’t regret it? They’re SO comfortable. I wear these around the house and I keep a pair in my classroom for after school. In the winter, I leave a pair of slippers at school too! 😉

Waffle Knit Henley Top

This top is a staple in my teacher wardrobe. I own it in a few different colors. Super comfy, washes well, and looks cute too!

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey

I don’t know what happens at school, but I feel like my makeup disappears off my face. This Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner stays put though! It comes in oodles of colors, but I like the shade whiskey the best. It’s not as harsh as a black liner, but still makes me look alive enough that my students don’t ask me if I’m sick.

Crest Whitening Therapy Toothpaste

If you follow The Teacher Next Door on Instagram, you know that Erica from The Teacher Next Door Team has shared this holy grail toothpaste. She said, “I didn’t whiten my teeth while I was pregnant and I needed a pick me up. I started using this toothpaste and in just a few days they were bright and sparkling again! Love it!”

CeraVe Baby Moisture Cream











I despise the feeling of dry hands, and the soap at school is the worst. I keep a bottle of this CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Cream in my classroom, and it’s amazing! Not greasy or slimy, soaks right in, and actually moisturizes. There’s no strong fragrance or harsh chemicals either. If you suffer from extremely dry skin or eczema, give this a shot!


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