4 Free Upper Elementary Activities to Get You Through to the End of the Year

The time between spring break and the end of the school year can be a struggle. Most of us are going on more than a month of 5-day weeks, and we all know we are desperate for a day off. 

As a teacher, we’re doing our best to keep the kids reigned in, all while simultaneously trying to ensure that they’re making memories and ending the year on a good note.

Not to mention, we’re also completing our mile-long end-of-the-year to-do list. 

Here are 4 FREE Activities to help get you through to the End of the Year! 

Host a Trivia Game for Students

I don’t know about you, but I love trivia. Near the end of the year, it’s nice to play a low-stakes trivia game that is not centered around test prep or cramming before an assessment. 

In spring, I love using general knowledge trivia that provides a mix of miscellaneous questions. This type of game gives everyone a chance, and lets students showcase their different strengths. 

I created a Free End of the Year Trivia Game for you, so you don’t have to recreate the wheel yourself! 

This trivia game is hosted in Google Slides, so anyone with a projector or interactive whiteboard can use it! You can easily use this with virtual students as well. 

Every question is geared toward upper elementary students, so if you teach 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, this game is perfect for you! 

I also made sure to add an editable question and answer slide for you so that you can add your own content or use this template again and again in the future. 

To grab your FREE End of the Year Trivia Game, click the image below! 

Keep the Kids Humble with an End of the Year Letter Writing Activity

When spring fever tends to make your classroom a little wacky, bring back an SEL lesson to the classroom. This activity aims to center students and focus their attention and energy on reflection and gratitude. 

This free letter-writing activity comes in print and digital to fit all your teaching needs. The lesson prompt asks students to reflect on their school experience this year and the staff members who have helped them along the way. Students draft letters to a particular staff member of their choice, expressing their gratitude and thanking them for their impact this year. 

You can choose to hand-deliver printed letters or email the letters to each staff member. 

Letter delivery day is so special! Especially when the student receives a letter back from the staff member. 

Want to know more about this activity? Here’s a full blog post with the details.

End of the Year Keep In Touch Friendly Letter - Print & Digital freebie

Try a Summer-Themed Math Activity 

It’s almost time to beat the heat, and what kid doesn’t love ice cream? This End of the Year Ice Cream Graphing Activity is great for any elementary grade. 

If you have upper elementary students, you can even choose to put them in charge of conducting the data-based project. 

Simply put the instructions in an envelope with the word “CHALLENGE” on the outside. Students can read the directions and begin collecting data from their peers regarding each students’ favorite flavor of ice cream. (Flavors that they’ll have to decide on together!) 

This is a cute, easy, and fun activity that allows kids to socialize, analyze data, and make inferences from that data. 

Grab this freebie here

End of the Year Free Graphing Activity

Combine Task Cards with Board Games to Spice Up Learning and Review

I love how task cards provide concentrated practice and review for students. They’re so versatile too! Task cards can be used for any subject, and they’re super engaging.

Students often view task cards as simply fun, although they are definitely an effective learning tool.

Task cards can be used in so many ways! In fact, I wrote another blog post with 16 Ways to Use Task Cards if you’d like a few more ideas! Using task cards with board games is one activity that makes task cards even more fun!

So, how exactly do you add task cards to a board game? Check out this post below with my tips! 

Looking for more ideas for the end of the year? Check out this post below! 

How to Keep Your Sanity During the Countdown to Summer

End of the Year Spread Some Kindness Letter Writing Activity


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