Brain Breaks 100 Task Cards for the ENTIRE YEAR – Printable & Digital Activities

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Have wiggly kids? These Brain Breaks (in print and digital) are a great way to refocus your students for better learning!


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Looking for some brain breaks to help your students get the wiggles out? This set of 100 Brain Breaks task cards comes in a print and a digital version with over 250 active games, exercises, and creative movement to help your kids regain focus after periods of sitting. These activities are not only fun but beneficial for learning. Studies have shown that brain breaks activate the mind, reduce behavior problems, and help to relieve stress. So many benefits and so much fun!

Here’s what the task card set contains: Print and Digital Versions
100 Brain Break Task Cards
Teacher Notes
Digital Teacher Notes including a step by step set of instructions for how to make an assignment in Google Slides.


Why you’ll love this resource:

  • Kids love the variety of activities, with fun movements, and simple games.
  • Brain breaks have so many benefits!!! In fact, the movement included in brain breaks has been shown to lead to better learning.
  • The Digital Brain Breaks allow you to project one card at a time on the Smartboard so that everyone can see.
  • Most of the task cards require no extra equipment. Any extra equipment needed can be found in most classrooms like a ball, a meter stick, recycled paper, or music.
  • You can select cards in different ways, by grabbing one card or two in random order, doing them sequentially, or letting a student choose one of the cards
  • The task cards can be printed in color or black and white.
  • It’s easy to store the cards in a photo box, plastic shoebox, or school supply box. You can also hole punch each card’s corner and put them all on a ring.


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