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“My reading curriculum is garbage,” she said to me with the most defeated look on her face.

Have you been there before too? 

If you’re spending week after week reinventing the wheel and searching for quality resources for  reading workshop… 


Stop planning reading like this. (1)

Every teacher needs a simple reading workshop framework.

Planning for reading shouldn’t take hours. Reading Workshop: The Complete Kit has everything you need to develop routines, set expectations, and make confident decisions about your students’ literacy progress. 


Say goodbye to hours spent lesson planning and say hello to Reading Workshop freedom.

What's in the Reading Workshop: The Complete Kit that's going to save your teacher-life?

You bring the books.
Let The Kit do the rest! 

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Reading Workshop: The Complete Kit is five resources combined to create the smoothest literacy block in Upper Elementary! 

Graphic Organizers for Reading Skills in Fiction and Nonfiction for 3rd - 5th Grades
Question Stems in Fiction and Nonfiction for 3rd - 5th Grades
Launching Reading Workshop


  • Ready-made anchor charts for every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade reading standard
  • Printable (PDF) & digital (Google Slides) versions of all 63 anchor charts
  • Use to introduce new reading skills during mini lessons
  • Creates smooth, consistent routines making lesson planning a breeze
  • Full size and half size versions make it easy for teachers using reading binders or reader’s notebooks
  • Use pre-completed anchor charts to introduce skills 
  • Use blank template anchor charts for students to follow along, giving them ownership of their learning
  • 120 printable (PDF) and digital (Google Slides) graphic organizers 
  • Can be paired with any fiction or nonfiction text
  • One or more graphic organizers for every reading standard for grades 3, 4, and 5
  • Makes differentiation a breeze – students can each read their own book and work on the same graphic organizer
  • Full page and half page options allow for ultimate flexibility
  • Great for exit tickets, reader’s notebooks, reading journals, independent work, and more!
  • Ready-to-go questions aligned to every fiction and nonfiction reading standard for grades 3, 4, and 5
  • Confidently ask targeted questions in small groups, during mini lessons, or intervention 
  • Excellent resource to send home to grown-ups to promote at-home literacy
  • Ask meaningful question and target literacy standards with ease
  • Four convenient options to meet every classroom’s needs (Full page, half page, task cards, and digital)
  • Confidently run reading conferences on a daily basis with this comprehensive set of resources
  • Printable (PDF) and digital (Google Slides) versions of all resources to fit your needs 
  • Set reading conference expectations with introductory resources, including: anchor charts, guides, binder covers, standards lists, and more
  • Easily collect important data using reading observation forms and record keeping forms
  • Encourage student involvement with self-reflection forms and post-conference goal bookmarks 
  • Ready-made resources to jumpstart your reading program and help your students grow as readers
  • Everything you need to introduce routines and expectations for a smooth running reading workshop
  • 10 Key comprehension strategies to support reading all year long
  • Complete lesson plans, anchor charts, and graphic organizers for the first 20 days of reading workshop
  • Tons of helpful resources to take you through the rest of the year, including: reader’s notebook materials, reading posters, pacing guides, reading response materials, and oodles of teacher and student charts
  • Mini-lesson template to guide your lesson planning throughout the year 
  • Everything you need to create the framework for reading workshop for the entire school year
  • Time-saving resources that pay-off, again and again

I'm ready for Reading Workshop: The Complete Kit to help me build the reading routine of my dreams!


* Please note: If your school has strong email filters, you may wish to use your personal email to ensure access.

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