Thank you!!! This resource was amazing. My students loved learning about poetry and drama, finally! This was very engaging and super specific in terms of the elements of each type of writing. The passages are amazing also!
This packet was a lifesaver! I used it as my primary resource for teaching main idea, detail, and summarizing. The students LOVED the topics covered. I highly recommend this!
What an extensive resource! It has EVERYTHING I'll need to teach the unit in December! I was looking for a resource geared with higher level comprehension skills, and this is it! Thank you for all of your hard work, and for sharing this wonderful resource!
This is such a great resource. After noticing a number of my kids struggling with our district graphic organizer, I purchased this set and its like the world suddenly makes sense to them.
I love this resource. It has excellent texts and organizers. It is a great addition to our curriculum, and really helps me teach my students - giving them great practice!
My students loved the passages that were aligned with this informational text evidence pack. They were engaged to the passages and were interested in answering the questions. I was pleasantly surprised! LOL
I don't usually buy things from TpT so quickly, but after checking out the preview I put it in my cart and paid for it right away. There is so much here that will allows for repeated practice with my students. You have made teaching and practicing theme so much easier with this resource. Thanks for making my job easier!!
I am so happy that I found this resource! It is such a great resource to get students thinking about characters, settings and events. I absolutely love the short passages with practice and the activities that can go with other stories or books. I look forward to using this resource again and again!

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