Task Cards: Close Reading Question Stems for 3rd – 6th Grade

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Help your students dig deeper into any text using these Close Reading Question Stems for Teachers! I love having a set of ready-made questions at hand!


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Task Cards: Close Reading Question Stems for Teachers is a comprehensive set of 148 questions on color coded task cards that teachers can use with any Close Reading text. All of these questions are designed to help your students practice digging deeper into the text and each question can be used with one type of text (Fiction or Informational Text) and sometimes both. Three additional handouts and detailed teacher notes about the process of Close Reading are also included.

Specifically this unit contains:
44 Key Ideas and Details Question Task Cards
44 Craft and Structure Question Task Cards
44 Integration of Knowledge and Key Ideas Question Task Cards
16 Evidence from the Text Task Cards
Handout on Annotations
Handout on the Close Reading Process for Teachers
Handout on the Close Reading Process for Students
Detailed Teacher Notes
Four Close Reading Posters


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Why you’ll love this resource:

  • You can use these questions with any close reading passages, fiction or nonfiction!
  • After each read, the questions build in complexity!
  • The first read is for Key Ideas and Details which are color coded in pink! These questions ask basic information about key details, characters, setting, main idea or who/what/when/where types of questions.
  • The second read is for Craft and Structure which are color coded in blue! Students will be asked about vocabulary choices, text features, text structures, and point of view.
  • The third read is for Integration of Knowledge and Ideas which are color coded in purple. These questions ask them to compare and contrast, to find cause and effect relationships, to synthesize and analyze information from the text.
  • There are also Evidence from the Text Cards which are color coded yellow! These are good to use with many of the other three types of question cards to remind students to cite evidence from the text to support their ideas.
  • The color coding of the cards makes it easy to find the types of questions you need!


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