Paragraph Color Coding and Outlining – Print and Digital

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This print and digital Color Coding and Outlining unit is a visual way to help kids truly understand the components of a well-written paragraph.


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Do your students struggle to understand the basic structure of a paragraph? This Paragraph Color Coding and Outlining Packet can help! This print and digital unit will allow you to directly teach your students the organization of a paragraph and help them create better outlines. This paperless and print packet is a nice addition to any writing program and can be used successfully in any classroom.


I can’t say enough about how much I love teaching basic paragraph writing using the explicit writing step-by-step method. When students understand the “recipe” for a paragraph, their writing becomes so much stronger. Color coding and outlining have really helped my students craft much more organized and cohesive paragraphs.




This was a great resource to use to help my learners understand the structure of a paragraph. It had them practice identifying topic sentences and conclusions, but more importantly, it had them look for the three supporting points of the paragraph. My learners loved the opportunity to take out their colored pencils, and it was a great way to talk about how they can use transition words in their own paragraphs. I will definitely be using this again next year!”– Amber, 6th Grade Teacher ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“A week ago my students had no idea what a topic sentence was. They couldn’t find the main points in a paragraph. They didn’t understand what supporting details were. They were guessing at which sentence was the concluding sentence. Now, after working through just HALF of these paragraphs, they are confidently identifying everything with ease! Thank you!” Carla, 10th Grade SPED Teacher ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



I have started to implement this in small group rotations and have begun to see student work improving! This is a great resource!” – Clarissa, 3rd Grade SPED Teacher ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



✅ What’s included? ✅


8 Posters


15 Paragraphs to Color Code:


Finding a Good Book



Morro Bay


My Cat Lola

Frozen S’mores

At the Park

Writing a Story

We Need Sharks

Bird Beaks

How Monopoly is Beneficial For Students

Giant Animals

Accidental Inventions

Slow Animals


2 Bonus/Optional Paragraphs to Color Code: (USA Constitution Day or Social Studies)

The Constitution

Three Branches of Government


T-Chart Example – Ocean Animals

Fill In the T-Chart – Sports

Fill in the T-Chart – Ice Cream

3 T-Chart Blank Templates for Student Writing


Answer Keys (print only)

15 pages of Detailed Teacher Notes

LINKS are included on the PDF Teacher Notes


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Other units included in the Complete Paragraph Bundle include: (All are print and digital)
Topic Sentences Packet: Paragraph Writing 

Details in Paragraph Writing
Transitions in Writing Packet
Conclusions Packet: Paragraph Writing


❤️ Why you’ll love this resource: ❤️

  • Directly teaching students to color code paragraphs and to reverse outline them truly helps your students to more fully understand paragraph construction before being asked to write one.
  • The unit comes in a digital version that’s easy to assign and easy to use in Google Classroom™.
  • Perfect for classroom use or for homeschool.
  • Your students will look at paragraphs in a whole new way!
  • The worksheets give your students concentrated practice with this skill, with multiple practice sheets.
  • There are suggested outlining game activities which are lots of fun!
  • The paragraph structure posters provide a nice visual reference for students!



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