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These two sets of Making Inference Task Cards come in both print and digital (for Google Classroom and other top educational platforms) and will help your students practice the important reading skill of making inferences. These picture inference task cards may be used for reading centers, as a whole class or for one on one student work.

Picture Task Cards (32)
What is it? Task Cards (32)
Student Record Sheets


One set of task cards is called “What is it?” and has pictures of little known or outdated objects (like an antique football helmet or a typewriter!) and gives a clue to help students make an inference.

The second set of task cards are filled with high interest pictures of animals and people. Students are asked to look for clues in the pictures to make 3 multiple choice inferences for each card. This is a great way to practice this reading strategy with pictures before moving to text.


SAVE MORE and GET MORE with the Inference Bundle! It has four sets of task cards, games, activities, and more! The bundle includes inferences using literature and inferences using informational text. There’s one for 3rd and another one for 4th/5th:
Inference Bundle for 3rd Grade!!! (CLICK HERE)
Inference Bundle for 4th/5th Grade


Why you’ll love this resource:

  • The task cards give your students concentrated practice with inference, so students get multiple opportunities to make inferences in one time frame.
  • The task cards come in a digital version that makes it easy to plan and assign for the classroom, homeschool, or for distance learning.
  • Task cards seem less overwhelming than longer passages for many students.
  • There are two sets of task cards, one with pictures and the other using words to give your students practice in a variety of ways.
  • Students view task cards as more of a game, which makes them fun!
  • It’s easy to turn the cards into an actual game by adding a tic-tac-toe on a whiteboard or a board game.
  • The task cards may be used in a number of ways, from reading centers to whole class, one on one, test prep, SCOOT, exit slip, and more!!!


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