Force and Motion Reader’s Theater Physics Science Play

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You’ll love using this Force and Motion Reader’s Theater to introduce or review physics concepts with your students!


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Looking for a way to incorporate reading and science to review physics concepts? This Force and Motion at the Amusement Park reader’s theater is an original science play I wrote for my class as an end of the year performance for parents and students, but it may also be used to reinforce science information, to add variety to the reading block, or to help students practice reading fluency with repeated readings.


This reader’s theater is filled with good scientific information about physics or force and motion concepts, but it’s also full of humor and fun!



Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Isaac Newton Information





Balanced Forces

Unbalanced Forces


Potential Energy

Kinetic Energy



Centripetal Force



Specifically, it includes:

11 Page Play with 30 parts (and suggestions for how to modify it to work with smaller groups)

11 Pages of Teacher Notes which describe simple costume suggestions, casting tips, props, suggested songs, and more.



Summary of the Play:

Four friends visit an amusement park and find out that it’s the perfect place to see physics concepts like force and motion in action while having fun. As they ride bumper cars, the freefall tower, a boat ride, a carousel, and a roller coaster, the things they’ve been learning in science class come to life. At the end of the play, a time machine piloted by physicist, Ron Mallett, brings Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton to the amusement park for a fun, surprise ending to this story.




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Why you’ll love this resource:

  • It’s a great way to integrate science and reading.


  • It helps reinforce scientific information about force and motion.


  • There are enough parts for each child in your class (up to 30) but it can be used for any number of students with a bit of tweaking!


  • The play can be used as a grand production for the whole school or for a parent night or it may be used in a single setting in the classroom.


  • Students love the humor in the play and enjoy reading it.


  • There are suggested popular (oldies but goodies) songs which may be added for full productions, like Octopus’s Garden by the Beatles!


  • The play is a great tool to practice fluency.




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