Elements of Poetry, Drama and Prose in Print and Digital, Poetry Unit

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Your students will enjoy learning about Poetry, Drama, and Prose in this print and digital unit! The Poetry Flipbook with nine types of poems might be my favorite part!


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Looking for a ready-to-teach unit that covers the elements of poetry, drama, and prose in one place? This print and digital unit is a complete set of engaging teaching materials filled with original poems, mini-plays, and pieces of prose that your students will enjoy. You’ll find everything you need, from teaching pages to kid-friendly poetry, drama, and prose to analyze, 32 task cards, sorts, posters, handouts, graphic organizers, a Poetry Flipbook with nine types of poems, and MORE!

Elements of Poetry, Drama, and Prose Unit contains: (Print and Digital)

Elements of Poetry Handout (3 versions)

Elements of Drama Handout (3 versions)

Elements of Prose Handout (3 versions)

Teaching Example Pages for Poetry, Drama, and Prose (3)

Poetry Examples to analyze (3 double-sided): The Rain, The Sea Turtle, The Hike

Drama Worksheets to analyze (3 double-sided): The Present, The Birthday, The New Puppy

Prose Worksheets to analyze (3 double-sided): The Meet, The Paper Route, The Baseball Game

32 Task Cards and a Record Sheet

37 Posters

Sorts (5)

A Matching Worksheet for Poetry, Drama, and Prose Elements

A Poetry Mini-Flipbook with 9 Different Types of Poetry

Rhyme Scheme Worksheet

One Folktale in 3 Genres to Compare and Contrast – Why the Koala Has a Stumpy Tail

Anchor Charts (2 filled and 2 blanks)

Graphic Organizers (3)

Matching Pages (3)

Venn diagram for Poetry, Drama, and Prose

Template Worksheets (4) that can be used with any text – Poetry, Drama, or Prose

Retelling or Summary Graphic Organizers (5)

Central Message or Theme Graphic Organizers (5)

Questions Stems Page for Teacher Reference (3)

Triple Venn Diagram – An Enrichment activity

Theme Topics and Statements Handout for Teacher Reference (2)

Assessments – Matching Elements (4)

Answer Keys

Detailed Teacher Notes

LINKS on the Teacher Notes PDF near the front of the file


SAVE MORE and GET MORE with the Reading Bundle for 4th and 5th Grade!!! (Click Here) It has 10 key reading units that cover many 4th and 5th reading standards!

Here are the units included in the Reading Bundle for 4th and 5th Grade!

Main Idea

Characters, Settings, and Events: Story Elements

Compare and Contrast

Elements of Poetry, Drama, and Prose

Text Evidence

Inferences Using Informational Text

Inferences Using Literature


Cause and Effect

Informational Text Structures


Why you’ll love this resource:

  • It includes teaching pages for poetry, drama, and prose, making it easy to guide your students through an introductory lesson for each genre.


  • Materials for this standard are often difficult to find, but everything you need for this standard is found here!!!


  • It includes a complete digital version to give you greater versatility!


  • The graphic organizers may be used for other reading materials like poetry from Shel Silverstein, for example, a class pla, or a piece of prose.


  • The printables are low prep for busy teachers, and much of the digital version is NO prep!


  • It may be used in a number of ways, from whole-class or small-group lessons to independent work, literacy centers, homework, test prep, and more!!!


Here are some of the Elements of Poetry, Drama, and Prose related games included in the

Reading Centers Bundles:

Elements of Poetry, Drama, and Prose Game (for 4th and 5th grades)

Themes in Drama and Poetry Game (for 4th and 5th grades)


If you’re looking to expand the drama section of this unit, I created science plays that may be used as parent/school performances or as a way to integrate science and reading:

Solar System Play

I Wanna Be a Rock Star (Rocks and Minerals)

Weather Reader’s Theater

Reader’s Theater Science Bundle (has all three science plays)


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