My Favorite Resources!

1. Digital Reading Units

These digital reading units for Google Slides and PowerPoint are high interest and very interactive! Each unit includes 2 different sets of passages, each with vocabulary practice, reading comprehension, and several slides that reinforce the reading strategy!

Click here to take a look:

3rd Grade Digital Reading Bundle

4th Grade Digital Reading Bundle

5th Grade Digital Reading Bundle

2. Morning Work

This Morning Work comes in a print and a Google Slides version. Each grade-specific unit (3rd – 6th grades) targets that grade level’s standards. In fact, it includes ALL STANDARDS for reading, language, and math and it also includes NGSS science and general social studies concepts. There’s a full-page each day for Monday – Thursday for the entire year!

Click here to see each grade level’s Morning Work:

3rd Grade , 4th Grade , 5th Grade , and 6th Grade.

3. Grammar Games

Grammar can be a bit dry but these games make grammar fun! There’s a set of games for every standard! Your students will enjoy the game formats included from the classic board game with 32 task cards, to tic-tac-toe, Four in a Row, matching cards, clip cards, puzzles, and more!

Click here to see 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, or 5th Grade bundles with 30 games!

4. Complete Paragraph Bundle

Teach your students each part of the paragraph directly in this step by step resource. It’s filled with lots of practice worksheets and activities to help your students write effective paragraphs. It has made a HUGE difference in the writing of my students!

Click here for the Complete Paragraph Bundle.

5. Reading Games

These Reading Games are so much fun but are aligned with standards too! In fact, there is a game for EVERY STANDARD!

It comes in 3rd Grade and in a 4th/5th Grade version! I love getting these ready for the year, so I have them when I need them!

6. Character Education Kit

This Character Education Kit takes you through an entire year with 11 Character Education units. I like to focus on a different trait each month and there are plenty of materials here to help you teach the traits in a fun but intentional way!

Click here to see the Character Education Kit for 2nd – 5th grades.

7. Math Task Cards

I made these Math Task Card Sets when I was looking for sets of task cards to help reinforce what I was teaching in the classroom. I love that there’s a set of task cards for EVERY MATH STANDARD! It makes planning math centers or whole-class practice time a breeze!

Click here to check out 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, or 5th Grade.

8. Main Idea Kit

Everything you need to teach Main Idea is here! This huge unit is differentiated into three different levels for 3rd – 5th grade readers. There are lots of interesting passages with reading comprehension questions. It has 3 task card sets, 3 games, and 3 sorts too! There are also main idea matching pages. Your students will finally TRULY understand main idea after using these materials!

Click here to see the Main Idea Kit.

9. Text Evidence Kit

This Text Evidence Kit is also differentiated with three levels for every reading passage. The whole unit is scaffolded with 10 color coding passages, 8 independent passages, three games and some RACE materials for constructed responses too.

Click here to take a look at the Text Evidence Kit.

So, these are my favorites! Hope you like them as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by!

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